SNOM D735 Desk Telephone

D735 Desk Telephone
The Snom D735 SIP Color Deskset features an intuitive design with advanced technology and connectivity.
Eight self-labeling programmable feature keys surround a 2.8- inch, 320 x 240-pixel color LCD display. Scroll
between four pages of keys with a dedicated button. A proximity sensor reacts as your hand gets close to the
phone to dynamically adjust the display. Opus codec support gives you the freedom to enjoy crystal-clear audio or high-quality narrowband audio, depending on your network conditions. Zero-touch provisioning eliminates the need for manual labor typically involved with the installation. Power over Ethernet (PoE) support and dual Ethernet ports make the system cost-effective and easy to use. The USB port allows additional connectivity, including up to three D7 or D7C expansion modules for increased visibility and one-button options. The system features multiple configurations, including eight programmable feature keys, four soft keys, and 15 dedicated feature keys. You’ll feel safe with powerful security features like VPN support.

Quick summary
• High-resolution color display
• Motion sensor
• 8 (32) configurable self-labeling multicolor LED keys
• USB port
• Elegant design
• 3-year standard warranty